What students are saying about
Bet Borgeson Studio's Online Drawing Courses...

"Your flexibility, your clear and inspiring lessons, and your detailed, personalized critiques full of knowledge, insight, and encouragement have made your art courses a wonderful and worthwhile investment.

"Thank you for your support and for the tremendous amount of knowledge and experience you have shared with me. I know I will review your lessons and critiques over and over and continue to put into practice your suggestions as I develop as an artist. You are definitely one of the best teachers I've ever had." --ELSA PLA, Denver CO

"Having this course available online has really been a chance to get into art that I would not have experienced at this time.  You (and your lessons, books and critiques) are absolutely fantastic; I'm learning a lot and having fun. You offer something very unique."

--Jeanie Turner,
Bellevue, WA

"This course is turning out great! One-on-one access to the founder of CP as fine art... plus the time to work through two entire pieces with help along the way. There's just no way an on-location workshop can compete with this format."

Green Valley, Arizona

"In looking through the galleries I'm struck with the diversity of styles. Bet's ability to coach, teach and encourage each student in his own style--through a computer screen--is just awesome. In some I can see a bit of Bet's own way. But so many others veer off into an individual bent. Yet the works are remarkably consistent in quality. The composition of the elements, the use of color, the placement of objects within the format among all those students are quite pleasing. My hat's off to her!"

Lebanon, Oregon

"When I first started these classes, I knew there was talent in these old bones, but I didn’t know how to get motivated. What was inspiration? How to decide what to draw? How to compose it? If it wasn’t for Bet’s belief that I could improve my talent and the comments... I don’t believe I would have come as far as I have. I’ve gained confidence and security in my talent and I’ve learned so much.  At Bet’s urging, I began to seriously study art history...all those abstracts and Picasso’s make sense! Now, I’m off onto classes at the University of Wisconsin-- online, of course."

Neosho Falls, KS

"I learned a lot in your course. I found having a one-on-one critique such a valuable experience, and one that is not readily available in a larger art class format. Your critiques are very generous in detail which provides much learning, yet they remain confidence building at the same time."

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"This way of working was really exciting. [Borgeson] didn't just teach us about colored pencil, but encouraged us to stretch our minds and habits. Consequently, the growth in understanding that I experienced far exceeded my initial expectations." --WENDY DEBICKI, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

"Bet is a true teacher who obviously cares very much about helping her students reach their potential. I have never had a teacher take such time and care. I kind of hesitated about taking her class because her style is so different than what I do. But I've learned a lot of very cool stuff in her class that I really don't think I could have learned elsewhere and it totally applies to any style. I can't wait to sign up for the next class."

Eastlake, Ohio

[Kim created this digital composite..
.then put herself in it.]

"You have opened many doors of awareness for me... Your personal critiques are like nothing else I have experienced in my art education. You evaluate on so many levels and know instinctively what to suggest and yet encourage and reassure."

Olmsted Township, Ohio

"This series has been what I needed to develop artistically, to stay focused, and to make a priority of my art time. I feel like its taken all three courses for things to sink in, and not that there was any lack of instruction on your part. It's just that one needs the time to think things through, to study and to assimilate all you set forth in the lessons. I would recommend to those thinking about registering for any one section of the landscape series, to take all three." --MARIANNE POST, Vacaville, California

"I have learned more about artistic vision through this class. I ventured into completely new territory...something clicked and I began to notice things I had never thought about. I am seeing pictures everywhere and shapes of color masses. What fun!"

Eureka, California

"This has been an extremely useful and instructive course... Because of your thorough and concise critiques I know exactly where my weak areas are now and that is exactly what I wanted to find out. Thank you for pointing the way. I do feel connected and engaged with my art again...maybe for the first time!"

Woodbridge, Virginia

"This is an incredible way to learn. I feel very different about my pencils than when we started this class. They were sorta antagonistic before, and now they are the most marvelous tools. And I want to get to know them better."

Grants Pass, Oregon

"The suggestions and improvements [in your critiques] were everything I've been hoping for. I'm used to very vague critiques and instructions in in-person workshops I've attended. It's very refreshing to get some solid help and information. The text was far superior to most I've seen. A pleasure to read..."

Valparaiso, Indiana

"The critiques are doing wonders for me...it's just what I needed."

Warwick, North Dakota

"I was taking a painting class at the same time I was taking your class. But I felt your class was more personalized and productive, even though the other teacher was there with me in the classroom!"

--Lydia Aponte Morales, Silver Spring, MD

"I have recommended your class to others because I felt I received so much help. On a score of 1 to 10...you definitely gave a 10 with this class."

Bend, Oregon


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